Rad Vagrants
NJ based artist, photographer, student, surfer, & snowboarder. Everything on the blog is made by me. (All photographs, graphics, artwork, etc... unless otherwise stated) The photos of me are taken by friends.

horrorshhow said: I'm so happy i found your blog, is awesome! x

Thank you! Your blog is quite lovely as well!

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Anonymous said: How old are you and what do you do (other than photograph)?

I turn 24 in a month, and other then photography my hobbies are surfing, snowboarding, skating, mountain biking, hiking, and free diving. I basically live outside.

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surfing-the-salt-life said: Hii ! Not a ask, I just want to say that your photos are awesome I'm kind of shocked that you don't have more notes, you totally deserve!

Thanks! I have one photo that got heaps of notes but its a far cry from my best shot.

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